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Port Moresby is the capital city of Papua New Guinea. A city of around 500,000 people it is found on the eastern side of the Port Moresby harbour in the Gulf of Papua. The harbour was explored by Sir John Moresby who named it after his father - Fairfax Moresby. The British laid claim to the area in 1883 -1884 and it became an important Allied base during the second world war.

After 1945 it became the administrative centre for the Australian government's dealings in Papua (and of the Australian administered UN Trust Territory of New Guinea) and has, over the years, developed into a modern city under the administration of the National Capital District. It has a regular water supply from the Laloki river, which is also the source of its hydroelectric power. There are local radio stations, a national television company and the city has become the financial and government centre for the nation. It is the fastest growing city in the country with some government departments predicting that in the next decade it will reach one million people - mostly through migration from the rural areas. Such rapid growth outpaces the infrastructure growth and is a source of many problems.


Port Moresby is one of five dioceses in the Province of Papua New Guinea. Its first Bishop was David Hand (1977 - 1983) followed by Isaac Gadebo (1983 - 1997). Michael Hough (1998 - 2001), Peter Fox (2002 - 2006). The present Bishop is Peter Ramsden from 2007

Bishop David
Bishop David
Bishop Isaac
Bishop Isaac
Bishop Michael
Bishop Michael

Bishop Peter Fox

Bishop Peter Ramsden
2007 - 2014

There are nine main parishes with numerous "outstations" attached to them. The diocese maintains a full time chaplain to the University and the Armed forces. Most of the work of the Church is carried out in the city of Port Moresby with large concentrations of people living in the many settlements that surround the city.

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