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Bishop Denny Bray Guka
Bishop - Denny Bray Guka

In September 2014 Bishop Peter Ramsden retired and returned to the UK. In March 2015 ACPNG elected Fr Denny Bray Guka to be the 6th Bishop of Port Moresby. He was consecrated on the 24th of May, Pentecost Day, at St Martin's Boroko. This means that for the first time the whole of the ACPNG's House of Bishops (5 diocesans and one archbishop) are PNG nationals.

Aged 53, Bishop Denny is from Ambasi in Oro Province, but has served in Port Moresby Diocese all his working life. Previously he was Vicar General of the Diocese, Anglican Chaplain at the University of PNG, and Chairman of the PNG Council of Churches. He is also a Board Member of Anglicare PNG Inc.

Bishop Denny has had some overseas experience. In 1998 he travelled to Scotland for an Anglican Youth gathering, and in 2013 was the ACPNG Observer at GAFCON's meeting in Nairobi.

Bishop Denny is married to Marinda from Gona in Oro Province. They have 4 children: Madona and Elizabeth who are university students; and Michael and David who are still at school.

Bishop Peter Ramsden said, "I'm delighted that Fr Denny will succeed me as Bishop of Port Moresby. He was a wonderful support and friend to me and Sue, has been involved with Anglicare since its inception and has a special concern for Mission and Training."

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