Anglican Church
of Papua New Guinea
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Diocesan Cycle of Prayer - 2014

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Each day we pray together to strengthen our fellowship, work
and witness to the Gospel of Christ in the Diocese of Port Moresby.

Day 1          Bishop
                    Rt Revd Peter Ramsden and Mother Sue;
                    Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Begabari

Day 2          St John’s Cathedral Parish, Town
                     Fr Tennyson Bogar (Vicar General and Dean),
                     Mother Eren and family

Day 3          St Martin’s Parish, Boroko
                     Fr Philip Jiregari (Archdeacon and Rector),
                     Mother Christina and family

Day 4          Deacon Festus Kasari, Mother Aileen and family
                     at St Lucian’s 6 Mile, Betty Mandoma and 6 Mile orphans,
                     Anglican families at Kwikila

Day 5          St Aidan’s Parish, Morata
                     Fr Reginald Makele (Rector and Bishop’s Chaplain),
                     Mother Cathlyn and family
Day 6          St Francis’ Parish, Koki
                     Br. Oswald SSF (Rector and Provincial Minister SSF)
                     Staff and students at St Francis School

Day 7          Holy Family Parish, Hohola
                     Fr John Dubabagi (Rector), Mother Primrose and family.
                     Dn Thomas Deuhapa, Mother Angie and family
Day 8          St Mary’s Parish, Gerehu
                     Fr Lollington Wiam (Rector), Mother Dorothy and family;
                     Evangelist Graydon Esegeta and Gretel

Day 9          Sogeri Lowlands Parish
                     Fr Derek Baworo (Locum Priest) and Section Elder Brother James and MBH brothers at ATS

Day 10        Anglican families at St Paul’s Nine Mile, Christ the King, ATS, Holy Trinity, Sogeri and Church of the Resurrection, Doa Plantation.

Day 11        Christ the King Elementary School ATS
                     Bernard Karad (Headmaster), Helen Poho, Clinton Jajama,
                     Rhoda Pajau, Joyce Mobi, Gashlyn Kunai

Day 12        Cape Rodney Parish
                     Fr John Madigobuna, Mother Tiva and family at St Jude’s, Moreguina

Day 13        MBH brothers and Anglican families at Moreguina, Upulima, Kapari Sawmill, Cocoalands, Ianu, Manabo, Lahara, Lalaura, Kupiano

Day 14        St Mark’s Parish, Kerema
                     Ledrish Porusa and Anglican families in Kerema and Pivo
                     Melanesian Brothers at St Francis, Pivo
                     Mission outreach to Sori

Day 15        St Lawrence’s Parish, Tabubil
                     Fr Robertson Maifen and Mother Janet;
                     Anglican families in Tabubil and Kiunga

Day 16        Companions of the Melanesian Brotherhood
                     Pauline Kove (Section Leader)

Day 17        PNG Defence Force Chaplaincy
                     Fr Theo Garibo, Mother Pamela and family;
                     Anglican families at Murray Barracks, Goldie Barracks
                     and Taurama Barracks

Day 18        Anglicare
                     Heni Meke (National Director),    
                     staff and clients for VCCT, Care and Counselling,
                     Begabari Clinic, Drop-In Centre, Literacy Unit.

Day 19        Mothers’ Union
                     Louise Werner (Diocesan President), Fr Reginald Makele, (Chaplain)
                     and all the members in the branches

Day 20        Diocesan Youth
                    Clare Kaipa (President), Fr John Dubabagi (Chaplain)
                    and all the members in the parishes

Day 21        Children’s Ministries
                     Sunday Schools, Teens and RE in Schools
                     Parish coordinators and teachers

Day 22        Diocesan Training and Mission Programme
                     Fr Denny Bray Guka (Coordinator)     

Day 23        Ministerial Formation
                     Fr Theo Garibo (Vocations Advisory Committee Chairman)
                     Dn Gilford Kove and Alfred Guda, preparing for ordination

Day 24      Theological Further Education
                   Fr Giles Motisi, Mother Julia and family at CTI Bomana.

Day 25        University Chaplaincy
                     Fr Denny Bray Guka and Mother Merinda and family
                     Fr Klower Waimi, Anglican staff and students at UPNG.
Day 26      Retired Clergy
                  Canon Ilford Newman, Canon Walter Ataembo, Fr Daniel Meakoro,
                  Fr Caedmon Koieba, Dn Ken Onno, Dn Nigel Sirigoi, Dn Paulas Gerari

Day 27        Diocesan Office
                     Amos Misirait (Diocesan Secretary),        Rachel Abaijah (Accounts Clerk),
                     Patrick Moka (Property Assistant and Vehicle Supervisor),

Day 28        Parish Initiatives for outreach and provision of “Service Centres” for the
                     local community – Red Ribbon HIV/AIDS Programme,
                     DOTS monitoring TB medicine, Literacy Programmes.

Day 29        Diocesan Council; Parish Chairmen and Parish Councillors;
                     Implementation of Focus Plans

Day 30        Other Anglican work in Port Moresby
                     Percy Kaniniba (National/Diocesan Education Secretary)
                     Fr Denny Guka  (Chairman PNG Council of Churches, MBH Chaplain, ACPNG rep on Bible Society Board and Word Publishing Board)
                     Louise Werner (Women’s rep on PNG Council of Churches)
                     Bishop Peter (Anglicare Board Chairman, Member of City Mission Board and PMGH Board, Patron St John’s Scouts)
                     Capt David Simon and Anglican volunteers at POM Seafarers’ Centre
                     Fr John Dubabagi (Chaplain Scouts Association of PNG)

Day 31        Supporters and partners overseas
                     ABM Australia, AMB New Zealand, PNG Church Partnership UK,
                     Individuals and parishes who give support and pray for us.


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