Anglican Church
of Papua New Guinea
Diocese of Port Moresby

St. Johns Cathedral, Port Moresby

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Dean: Fr Tennyson Bogar

Sunday Mass times: 7am and 8.30am

St John's was the first Anglican parish to be established in Port Moresby, the original church being dedicated in 1915 on the hill in the old town centre. One of its early Rectors was Fr Henry Matthews who lost his life during World War II and is counted as one of the PNG Martyrs. The present building - a lozenge shape with sloping roof and bell tower - dates from 1966 and is the cathedral for the diocese. Two stained glass windows from the earlier building in memory of Henry Matthews and his wife were incorporated into it. The altar has a locally carved wooden panel depicting the Nativity, and a similar set of carved Stations of the Cross are on the walls. Some murals of Christ were added by artist Oscar Towa in 1996. The parish hall is located underneath the church, together with the Dean's apartment. As Port Moresby has developed, so the cathedral has become surrounded by a growing central business district and is now overlooked by prestigious hotels on both sides.

St John's, Port Moresby
Exterior - St John's, Port Moresby

St John's, like the other Anglican parishes in the city, attracts its congregation from all parts of Port Moresby. Similarly, lack of public transport after dark means few activities can take place during the evenings. It is, however, the one city parish which also offers an early Sunday Mass. Being close to Port Moresby's docks, St John's also hosts the annual Sea Sunday service. Together with St Mary's RC Cathedral, during weekdays it supplies volunteers to the recently established Seafarers' Centre on the waterfront close by.

St John's, Port Moresby
Interior - St John's, Port Moresby, PNG


Kundu Drummer at St Johns
Kundu Drummer at St. Johns, Port Moresby Town

St John's
Inside St Johns

St Johns 1944
St Johns 1944 - photo courtesy of Geoff Hancock



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