Anglican Church
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St Aidans, Morata

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Rector: Fr Reginald Makele

Sunday Mass time: 9am

St Aidan's is the youngest of the city parishes and was established in 1989 by Bishop Isaac Gadebo who after careful enquiries decided there was a need for an Anglican presence in this rapidly growing settlement. Worship took place at first in the Catholic Church at their Archbishop's invitation, but when land next to a road reservation was granted to the Anglicans, a bush materials building was erected. A Rectory was built from an overseas donation, but as Morata's reputation as Port Moresby's most violent and crime-ridden settlement grew, so it became a less attractive place for a priest and his family to live. One solution for some years was to place a group of Melanesian Brothers there; but the present arrangement is that the parish has a half-time Rector who is also Bishop's Chaplain and therefore lives on the Diocesan compound. The situation would be greatly improved if the proposed road were built, as Morata would be more easily policed and St Aidan's would be more accessible. The parish is currently renting out the Rectory in order to build up funds which in time will allow a more permanent church to be built. The existing building has been much improved with the addition of a vestry, seating and paintwork, while under the current Rector attendance and commitment have also risen.

St Aidan's Morata
St Aidan's Morata

St Aidan's Morata
Interior - St Aidan's Morata

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