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Planning for Renewal -- Part 1

Planning for Renewal -- Part 2

Planning for Renewal -- Part 3

A meeting of the Diocesan MU Presidents, National President, The Archbishop and the National Chaplain to the MU.

St John's Anglican Cathedral, Port Moresby

September 1-4, 1999


The purpose of the gathering was to bring MU leaders together, (the Diocesan Presidents, the National President, the Archbishop and the National Chaplain) from across the country to reflect on the present state of the MU and to begin work on planning a nation wide renewal programme for the MU. It was thought that this group was the most effective form of leadership.


Work was done in one group and notes were written up of issues raised in the group work. the following minutes are a record of those discussions.


It was agreed that a list of questions would be put together, based on the discussions, that would be circulated to the MU membership for comment and input. The answers would then be brought back to this group for further work in drawing up a renewal programme.

The Questions:


  1. What are the main problem areas and difficulties facing our communities and families today in PNG? What are their concerns?
  2. What are some of the things our communities need to be doing to help tackle these problems?
  3. What is the role of the MU in these activities?
  4. To more effectively carry out its work, what training and resources are necessary for our branches and members?
  5. What are the major problems and difficulties facing our Church today? What are the main causes of these problems?
  6. What are some of the things the Church needs to be doing to tackle these problems?
  7. What is the role of the MU in these activities?
  8. What should be our pastoral priorities - in order of importance?


  1. What is the best way of structuring the MU in PNG? On a Diocesan level (we need to remember that each Diocese may in fact be different because the set up and geography of these dioceses are different)? On a National level
  2. What kind of leadership will work most effectively to make the MU run smoothly on both Diocesan level and the Provincial level
  3. What do we expect the national MU to be responsible for? What is their role?
  4. Where should the National Headquarters be based?

The Organisation:

  1. How well do our members understand the role of the MU in the Church? how clear are its AIMS, Objects and Purpose?
  2. How well do you think the MU fulfils those AIMS, Objects and Purpose?
  3. Why are there fewer young women joining the MU today? How can we make it more attractive to these women?
  4. How should we go about the renewal process? What should be included in the renewal? What is the goal of the renewal? What do we need if we are to begin a successful renewal programme?
  5. How can we help make the MU more able to meet its spiritual and pastoral goals?

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