Anglican Church
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Bishop's News (Farewell 2006)

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Saying Goodbye by Bishop Peter Fox.

Life is like a bridge.  We may cross over it but we must not try to build our houses on it.  In other words, life is about moving forward, not standing still.  So it is that, from time to time, we must say “Goodbye” to one another and continue our life journeys on separate paths.


For me, it is time to go home to England and rejoin my children.  My wife and I, together with Daniel my youngest son, know that we need to be with our other two children, David and John.  We know that God has other work for us to do in our own country.  We do not know yet where in England we will be working but we know that England needs missionaries every bit as much as PNG does.  Having said that Papua New Guinea will never be far from our thoughts and our prayers.  There may be other ways I can serve PNG from far away in England, even if it is only be telling your story to your many friends there.


It has been good to walk a mile or two along the way with all of you in Papua New Guinea.  You have been good friends and good companions.  I will miss you.  I will not forget you but now my road leads home to England and yours continues here.  We cannot know yet what plans God has for us although we know He does have His plan for each of us.  We must just go where he sends us and leave the rest to Him.


In Papua New Guinea we must so often say “Goodbye” to friends from overseas when their time with us is over.  We are used to saying “Goodbye” but it does not get any easier.  One thing we know is that in the journey of life, our journey in Time, we may have different paths to follow in different places but God travels with each one of us and one day will bring us to the same destination, our true Home with Him.  There will be no more parting then, no more “Goodbyes”.  Until then pray for me and I will pray for you that we may merrily meet in Heaven.


Yours sincerely,

Bishop Peter.

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Created 14 Jul 2006
Updated 14 Jul 2006
© 2006 Bishop Peter Fox