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World Prayer Day 2012 - Photos

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World Prayer Day (Mar 2012)

This year in Port Moresby Diocese it was the turn of the Anglican Church to host the annual World Day of Prayer. The service was held as usual on the first Friday in March, in St Martin's Church Boroko by kind permission of the Parish council and the Rector Fr Denny Bray Guka, who has recently been elected President of the PNG Council of Churches. There Mothers' Union members and other Anglicans were joined by clergy and people from the local Roman Catholic, United, Lutheran, Baptist, Salvation Army and other churches.

MalaysianHC, John Ribat and BishopPeter Ramsden
MalaysianHC, John Ribat and BishopPeter Ramsden

The material for this year's service was prepared by Christian women in Malaysia, and the Malaysian High Commissioner to PNG - a woman - was the guest of honour. She was feted by dancers in traditional costume and led by them into the church at the start of the service together with the Catholic Archbishop of Port Moresby John Ribat, the Australian High Commissioner Ian Kemish and Bishop Peter Ramsden. The theme was "Let Justice Prevail" and the address was given by Bishop Peter. Women from all the mainline denominations took part, and the St Martin's Youth band provided musical accompaniment. Afterwards a lunch was shared outside before all the participants dispersed.

Procession enters church
Procession enters church.

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