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Article on the Death of Bishop Sir George Ambo

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Article on the Death of Bishop Sir George Ambo,

From Bishop Peter Fox.
Bishop Joseph Kopapa has asked me to send you the following article the death of Bishop Sir George Ambo which he hopes you will make public.
FROM: Bishop Joseph Kopapa, Anglican Bishop of Popondota, now attending Lambeth Conference in England.  This message is to all Anglicans in PNG and the PNG public who have known and loved the late Bishop Sir George Ambo who passed away peacefully at the Popondetta General Hospital, 10.11 am on the 6th. July.
SUBJECT TITLE: The Final Act of a Great Man of Faith and Father of Oro Province.
The late Bishop, Sir George Ambo, the retired Archbishop of the Anglican Church of PNG (ACPNG) had his name tarnished and his reputation as the Anglican Church leader and a father of Christianity questioned in the past few years due to the ministry he had started while in retirement.  As the Diocesan Bishop of Popondota and on behalf of the current Archbishop, James Ayong, and all the Bishops of PNG now attending Lambeth Conference, I wish to clear the name of the late Father as he requested at his confession and reconciliation a week before his death.
The late Father had started this ministry "Puwo Gave Ministry (PGM)" ("Come and See" in Ewage Language) to help Anglicans who had drifted away from the Church.  This very good intention had been abused by his fellowship, mainly PGM Co-ordinators, who used the good name and reputation of this great man for their own ends to spread false messages and teaching such as "Cargo Cult", in order to gain for themselves money and popularity.
The late Father was not aware that these followers of his were misrepresenting him and using him for their own selfish ends.
The late Bishop has asked for forgiveness from the Church of Papua New Guinea and the World-wide Anglican Communion.  At his private confession with an Anglican priest (in my absence since I was travelling to England) Bishop George Ambo received Absolution.
This is the message I received from Father Richmond Borai, the Vicar-General, who organised the reconciliation:
"Before I prayed with him this is what he said,
        ' My most sincere apologies to the Church of God in the Diocese of Popondota.  My special apology to Bishop Joe Kopapa, to the House of Clergy, and the laity of the Diocese.  Secondly, my sincere apology to the Primate and the Church of PNG and Overseas, especially to His Grace, the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Above all, I offer my apology to God Almighty, to His Son Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit. Amen.' "
The late Bishop has already been reconciled to his Creator and the Church celebrates with great joy in this great witness of faith and humility by the Father of the Oro People and the Anglican Church.  Archbishop James Ayong has communicated this joy to the Archbishop of Canterbury (the Anglican Communion) and all of the ACPNG Bishops attending Lambeth Conference have assured Mother Marcella and her children and grandchildren of our joy in this reconciliation.
The Bishops have all agreed that a State Funeral should be requested and the Cathedral of the Resurrection in Popondetta has been offered for the funeral service and burial in the Cathedral burial grounds.
The Bishops also send a special message to the members of PGM (the followers of the late Bishop): The late Bishop has shown the way, the way of great humility and faith in accepting his Creator and his Lord and a return to the Church.  All PGM members are asked to follow, by making their private confession with their parish priest and returning to the Church. 
A special call is being made to the Co-ordinators and leaders of PGM, many of whom have been misrepresenting and spoiling the good name and reputation of the late Bishop. These people must return and say sorry to God for misrepresenting the late Father through their private confessions and return to work with their parish priests and congregations.  It is only after this we will all be ready for a public reconciliation within the Church and to celebrate and offer our Thanksgiving to God.
It is my hope and prayer that this first step (private confession) is completed for all PGM leaders so that the Diocese may call for a special public reconciliation day, perhaps in the beginning of November on All Souls' Day.
The late Sir George Ambo came back to the Church and in great humility and faith got reconciled to his Church and his Creator.  His name has been completely cleared of any taints at the reconciliation process.  His great name and reputation as the Father of the Anglican Church in Oro and PNG and the Father of the Oro People will continue to remain as part of our history.
I thank God for this wonderful witness to the Church and peace and reconciliation that will follow.
May George Ambo rest in peace.
Joseph Kopapa, Anglican Bishop of Popondota (writing from Lambeth Conference, England)
Photo of Bishop Sir George Ambo courtesy of http://hometown.aol.co.uk/pngcpluxton/

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