The Diocese of Port Moresby

This web page is, and belongs to the Diocese of Port Moresby, which is part of the Anglican Domain.

The Diocese of Port Moresby is in the ecclesiastical province of Papua New Guinea. The Church of the Province of Papua New Guinea is an autonomous Church in the Anglican Communion

Not every Anglican diocese worldwide has a Web page yet. The web page that you are now reading is hosted by the Society of Archbishop Justus for The Diocese of Port Moresby.

The Society of Archbishop Justus operates the domain ANGLICAN.ORG in trust for the Anglican Communion;, a subdomain issued to the Diocese of Port Moresby, is part of that domain.

If you represent the staff of another Diocese and would like to learn how to take ownership of the name belonging to you please see and read about the naming plan.

The original website was set up with the help of the Webmaster of -- -- in March and April of the year 2000

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